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  • What is a mobile dog gym?
    A SAFE PLACE: A mobile dog gym is a service where we bring physical and mental experiences to you. DOG TREADMILL, POWERED BY YOUR PET: A state-of-the-industry treadmill designed specifically for canines is completely powered by your dog -- there are no motors. This is called a slat mill. Your dog will walk, trot, and/or run on these cushioned slats. CUSTOM PROGRAM FOR YOUR POOCH: Matt, our Canine Coach, creates a one-of-kind program based on goals you set for your dog.
  • What is needed to get started using Helsi DOG mobile dog gym?
    Here is what's needed to get started with HelsiDOG mobile dog gym: VET: Clear the dog treadmill activity with your veterinarian VACCINES: Your dog must be current on vaccinations and a minimum of 4 months old. VARIETY: We take a variety of sizes starting at 10 pounds up to 100 pounds. As we continue to grow, we will be able to accommodate more sizes. We also recommend your dogs toenails are clipped on a regular basis. Here's why it's important to trim dog's toenails.
  • How do I prepare for a Helsi DOG run?
    Please do the following before your HelsiDOG visit, whether it's your first-time run or your 100th run: NO FOOD: No food for your dog at least 60 minutes prior to your appointment. POTTY: Take your dog potty 15 minutes before your HelsiDOG appointment. HARNESS: If your dog has a harness, please put the harness on your dog. If you do not have a harness, we have a variety of sizes available for your dog to use during their session.
  • Do you take any size dog?
    At this time, we can take most dogs. Your dog must weigh a minimum of 10 pounds. We can go up to 100 pounds, depending upon the build of your dog.
  • What is your service area?
    We go to different sections of Flathead Valley on different days of the week. We have three specific areas we service, including parts of Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Kalispell, Somers, Lakeside, and Bigfork. For an additional fee, we can potentially accommodate clients outside the service area. One of the most important elements is that we have a relatively flat parking area. We can accommodate a slight slope/hill by adjusting our equipment.
  • Will my dog like running, trotting, or walking on the dog treadmill?
    Each dog is different. Some dogs will take to the dog treadmill immediately. Others, like our very own Rhodesian Ridgeback, took a few times. Now, he happily jumps on it and eagerly awaits his run! It can take up to four (4) sessions for the dog to get the hang of it. Generally, if your dog is wiggly and enjoys meeting people, they will typically do well on the dog treadmill.
  • Are there any restrictions on your mobile service?
    See the service area map for a general idea of where we travel. Certain days of the week we focus on specific areas of the valley to accommodate as many dogs in each service area as possible. We will park in the front of your house in the street, if available. Flat area is needed to accommodate the equipment. If we park on a slight slope/hill, we can adjust our equipment. Steep hills are not a fit. Sometimes our weather and road conditions are not safe for driving. If it's unsafe, we will work with you to reschedule.
  • What is a Run and Train?
    This is an unique opportunity where we combine a workout session followed by a training session. Endorphins and the positive experience from the canine treadmill often setup your dog to be in a great state of mind for training to stop unwanted behavior. This type of training is called behavior modification. We start our Run and Train sessions with the Intro Run, focusing first on successful workout sessions. The dog will determine when we are ready to kick start the training portion following the workout session.
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