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The Helsi DOG Story


A Safe Place

Helsi is an old Norse word that means “a safe place”.

We thought it was a most appropriate word for what we do, which is provide a safe place to unleash the best life for you and your dog. This is achieved via the mobile gym, with a state-of-the-industry slat mill (aka dog treadmill) exclusively for dogs. 

Dogs will be introduced to the mill and will receive personalized plans from your canine coach to achieve the desired outcome for each canine that include:

  • Weight loss

  • Conditioning/strength training

  • Training for sport dogs

  • Exercise and mental stimulation when owners are unable to provide it for their beloved companions

Helsi DOG is Northwest Montana’s first mobile dog gym.

Check out Helsi DOG on NBC Montana and the Daily Interlake!

We want to clarify that Helsi DOG is not a medical rehab mobile service.

It's Your Best Buddy's Buddy...
Matt, Your Canine Coach

As a youngster, Matt's very first job was at a local pet store. Throughout his years, Matt was the one his friends turned to when they had an unruly dog or needed help with their pooch.

Fast forward to today and here are some fast facts about Matt:

  • Certified dog trainer from Animal Behavior College

  • Volunteer at the local humane society

  • Dog daddy to a happy Rhodesian Ridgeback named Viggo — as seen in the photo to the right 

  • Human daddy to a smart, jiu jitsu and dance-loving daughter

  • Hubby for over 20 years to his dog-loving wife, who helps out with Helsi DOG administration

Matt Viggo 2.jpg
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What is a dog treadmill?

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